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The Vermont 50 (VIDEO)

So, it took some time, but I finally figured-out iMovie on my Mac (Thanks Steve, RIP)! So I compiled the pictures that I gathered from several sources (Thanks to Gene and Jeremy B especially) into a movie set to music. … Continue reading

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Vermont 50 Recap (Part 4 – Conviction)

With the help of my crew, I changed my shirt, shoes, socks, lubed my feet, refilled my bottles, restocked my nutrition with all of my gels and chews that had caffeine in them (Yay!), and all the electrolyte tablets and … Continue reading

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Vermont 50 Recap (Part 3 – Tribulation)

As we were leaving Skunk Hollow Adam and Sarah were just pulling in, and I felt a mixed bag of emotions. I was feeling great physically, but I had some creeping doubts sneaking in because I had only eaten about … Continue reading

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Vermont 50 Recap (Part 2 – Sublimation)

The first thing I heard in the morning was Luau’s voice saying “Doug! It’s 4 O’clock! Get up!” Shiiiiit!!! My alarm didn’t go off! For the first time EVER I actually slept soundly without a care or worry in the … Continue reading

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