The Making of the New Balance MT110

To begin, it’s impossible to look at the creation of the MT110 in isolation. The shoe is the result of more than three years of ideas and evolution, both in the product and in the trail shoe market. This is the shoe that Anton’s wanted all along, but the market for such a light, flexible, low-to-the-ground trail shoe wasn’t there back in 2009. While the MT100 and MT101 were solid shoes, both included concessions to reach a wider market.

By the time of the MT110’s development, Born to Run and the minimalist running movements had caught mainstream attention. Folks were talking about heel-to-drop. They were looking for low-weight, less-structured shoes. They were buying the MT101, Minimus Trail, and their kin in droves.

Read the rest of the article over at and enter Bryon’s contest to win yourself a pair of these bad boys!

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One Response to The Making of the New Balance MT110

  1. You will tear up the hills in those bad boys!

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