The “Strong Work!” Store

I’ve been trying to figure-out for a while how to brand my mission and get my message out into the running community for a long time. It seems that too often I get the “You should change the name of your blog/twitter handle now” comments. Apparently my mission of being a role model and motivating the people who say “I’m really not a runner” to take charge of their health and fitness through running is sometimes missed among the hubbub. Since it seems like every other motivational blog has some sort of angle attached to it. So in an effort to make this blog stand out among the rest, I’ve opened the “Strong Work Store” on Cafe Press.

Check-out the “Strong Work!”store on CafePress!

So far I’ve put up “F**k It… Let’s Go!” Men’s and Women’s Ringer Tees, “Strong Work” Jerseys, I’m Really Not a Runner Trucker Hats, “No Tomorrow” Men’s and Women’s Tech Shirts, I’m Really Not a Runner Hoodies, “No Tomorrow” Bumper Sticker’s and Magnets, and “Strong Work” Onesies, Mugs, License Plates and Water Bottles!

All of the products are available in a variety of colors. Cafe Press has a large variety of items available, so I’ll be adding things as I see fit and if there’s is something you’d like to see in the store or would be interested in buying just let me know and I’ll see if I can get it in the store.

I’m not putting this up to make a bunch of money, in fact I’m only making a buck or two off of each item, and 50 cents on the smaller items. Whatever money I do make I will use to supplement my running addiction with gear, entry fees or even use it for the meetups that I organize for the dailymile/twitter/#NERTs crowd (in fact, I will have some #NERTs – specific items up soon)!

Keep up the strong work!

There is no tomorrow… Go out and get it today!



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